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Skin Deep


Isabel has always turned heads anywhere she went, even if she didn't want them to.  Matter of fact, more often than not, human men would use and abuse her.  After all, she was an orphan of rogues and had to rely on the mercy of those around her if she wanted to survive in the human world.

One day, just before her 14th birthday, her wolf came to her for the first time.  She told her that the Alpha King would seek her out.  The very next day he did, and he vowed that when she became of age, she would be his.  In the meantime, life carried on as it did every day before it.  

That is until her 18th birthday, when she hears a knock at her front door.  As she moves to open it, his scent hits her full force and fills her with an over-powering need that she has never felt before.  When their eyes meet, he immediately marks her as his.  However, when he finds out that she has been tainted by so many other males, he throws her to the wolves so to speak to fend once again for herself.  

Now with no clear future, and no idea what to do, she turns to the only thing she knows best and uses her body to get what she needs to survive.  In the end, does the Alpha King realize that he needs her just as much as she needs him, even if she is soiled and not a virgin?  The real question should be, if she is truly beautiful on the inside as well as the outside?  Or is her beauty just skin deep?

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