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First, open up your kindle app.  Once you are there, you will see your library.  I found my copy of The Lake part One that I had just emailed myself.  Once you purchase an eBook on my store, you will get an email.  You download the book and then you email it to your kindle email.  This is how you figure out where to send the email to.


Then you need to click on more at the bottom.  Once you are there, this screen will show up and then click on settings.

Once you click on settings it goes to this screen and you can look down to where it says Send to Kindle Email Address.  This is your email that you need to put on your email and attach your novel to it.  I also click Show Personal Documents in Library as well so I can see my other novels that I download from other places as well.

Here is a step-by-step directly from the Amazon Kindle App for android devices.  See picture on the side.

*Use the Lithium app for kids books because for some reason on the Kindle app they don't display correctly. You can still see and read them on Kindle, you just must click on each page to blow it up.  My regular books however do display just fine on any eBook apps.
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