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I have always loved reading books, even as a very young child.  When I turned 12, I wrote a short vampire story and won the Young Authors Award. From then on, I dabbled with stories until about 2 years ago when I began to seriously write.  First, I wrote The Blue Eyes Series now on Amazon.  It's in the paranormal romance genre.  Then I wrote Too Hot to Handle, a romance novel which is also on Amazon.  Afterwards, I made a coffee table book of my artwork and a baby book named Thumper grows up.  From there, I expanded to the web novel platform and now I am on over 150 paid websites and apps with 28 plus completed novels and numerous more in progress.  I am currently placing several book signings on my calendar for this year and next.  Otherwise, you may purchase my merch through Zazzle and my novels through various means such as Amazon, Kindle, and others.  I am however, moving the newest novels only to my eBook store on this site.  Check it out here.

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I always have a new release coming out at least once a month if I can help it, if not more.  Check them out here for further info.

Of course, I have a newsletter you can sign up for, where I will provide tidbits about my life, my works and sometimes even do drawings for giveaways etc.  To keep up with everything going on, subscribe now at the bottom of the page in the footer.

Every book in my eBook store is in EPUB format.  It will work on Nook app, Kindle app and many more.  If you have problems getting it to work on your device, I have compiled a few pieces of info to help.  If not, you can see the floating comment box below, please contact me, and I will get back to you with a day or two.  

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