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Julian the Alpha King has a secret. One night when he goes to save some of the humans from massacre, he meets Arabella and feels drawn to her like no other before. However, when she finds out that werewolves exist, she runs from him repeatedly. After all, she thinks he is the big bad wolf.

294 pgs. May 1, 2022.  63 Chapters.

The Luna's Mate: The Alpha King eBook

  • "I absolutely enjoyed this book! And will follow the author. I wish it was known why the Dr. did what he did and why the vampires were involved. I really liked that it was in his POV throughout the book, this is the first book that I've read like that. I'm glad it had a happy ending. I was not looking forward to crying! ❤️"-Kar3n-Inkitt
    "I really enjoyed the story."-Latisha Smith-Inkitt

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