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What do you do when you hear this strange voice in your head that keeps saying, "I'm hungry"?


Melissa is like every other girl her age, but when her parents decide to go camping for the weekend unexpectedly, she immediately begins to suspect that something is afoot.  However, when she goes along with the charade and they camp in the woods, does she end up with more on her plate then just what her mother cooks?


“Alright, you got to quit that.” I murmur under my breath because I have read way too many scary stories about the image in the mirror coming to life.

However, when I start to turn away from it, I could swear that it stays in one place just for a split second, but still.


Stay tuned to find out in The Hunger the third book of Mr. Creeper's Chillers.

Epub format eBook 58 Pages.

Published August 16, 2023 Casper Publishing   Copyright 2023 M.D. LaBelle

Mr. Creeper's Chillers Volume Three: The Hunger

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