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What happens when the girl with no head wants yours?
Ann finds out it is her last night in Harbor's End, so she decides to have fun with her friends.  But does she make a mistake that will cost her more than she is willing to give?

“I know what we could do instead. Do you remember the old Smith place at the end of the dirt road? It’s haunted and what better way to have one last night of fun than to see a real ghost?” she asks as a mischievous grin appears on her lips.

"When I wrap my fingers around the cold brass knob, I feel it pull me in. Then I look up into the darkness and see a pair of eyes, I scream."<b></b>

Find out in The Girl With No Head.  Volume Two of Mr.  Creeper's Chillers a series of short horror stories to keep you up at night.

52 pages.  Published July 7, 2023 Casper Publishing Copyright 2023 M.D. LaBelle  eBook format

Mr. Creeper's Chillers Volume 2: The Girl With No Head

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