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Sara finds herself watching her youngest move away years later after an almost fatal accident.  It leaves her feeling alone while not knowing what to do with herself.   After all, she had just spent the last 20 years playing a role.  As she asks herself what else is there now?  She stands in front of the fridge to find not a single thing to eat.  While forced to take a trip to the local grocery store, she ends up meeting Sam a man from her past.  For some reason, he seems familiar, but she doesn't seem to remember why or where from?  After she finally realizes just who he is, she welcomes him into her life.  
Sam, a man with so much to give her, but with so many reasons to hide the fact that he is a rich Billionaire, decides to wait to tell her he is no longer that poor little boy she once knew, but instead a billionaire who can afford to give her anything and everything, he quickly realizes that he wants her for so much more.  However, he doesn't know if he can afford to tell her because it could mean that she would only want him for his money and not for his love.  Does he ever tell her and make her the happiest woman in the world?  Or do they part their ways before she finds out just how rich he is now?

174 pages epub format.  Published May 5, 2022 by Casper Publishing, Copyright 2022, M.D. LaBelle

Meant To Be (The Violinist's Tale) Ebook

  • 4 out of 5 stars

    "I liked it, it's a well-told story that makes you immerse yourself in the plot to see what happens with the protagonists, how the relationship between them evolves, if they will manage to leave behind the blackness of their pasts or will it affect their relationship to reach a good end."-Antonio A. M. - Amazon

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