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When Life Gets In The Way

With life comes challenges. Originally, I was going to have at least 6 more books by this time, but life has a way of putting a stop to things. I guess I had been pushing myself too much and asking for more than what was possible. Not only had I figured out that I need to learn to slow down, but I must also enjoy life while we are still on this planet. Now, I force myself to get up and quit typing for hours on end while I enjoy my family and go places.

What I have found is that sometimes you get caught up in life and don't realize that it is passing you by until it is too late. As for new books, I am taking a quick breather for a week or so, because I have had 5 surgeries in the last few months, and even though I was still putting out books, it took a toll on me.

I have a book signing in April that I will still be attending, as well as signings around Michigan for the rest of the year, but I will be taking my time and not rushing everything as I have been the last year.

I'm guessing that writing 36 books in a year and a half is too much for most people. Lol.

Anyway, take care everyone and keep looking for my newest books and novels. And if you have not read my older ones, check them out now on my website or any of the bookstores online.

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