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What happens if your dark side succeeds?

"When he devours my mouth as if he owns me, I match him, and our tongues do a violent dance.  My teeth gnash against his, and our nails dig each other’s skin until we bleed as if we are wild animals in heat.”


Love Me Forever is the third book and exciting conclusion to The Bad Behavior Series.  It picks up where the second one leaves off.  Find out if Jon and Joanna's feelings for each other can withstand anything, or if they end up walking away from it all before, they both get caught.


Content Warnings

Do not read if you are triggered by references to child molestation and incest.  There is also killing, sexual abuse, very descriptive sexual content, anal sex, violence, knife play, daddy kink, praise kink, age gap, BDSM, mental health illness, blood play, primal kink, cutting, choking, gang bang and foul language. Strictly 18+ only. 

M.D. LaBelle started reading Stephen King, Dean Koontz, V. C. Andrews and Anne Rice around the age of 10 and she hasn't stopped loving books since.  Matter of fact, at the age of 12, she wrote a horror story about a vampire and won The Young Authors Award for the whole state of Michigan.  And when she picked up her first Harlequin at age 13 or 14, she was hooked because she was always fascinated by them, but they never managed to replace the appeal that the horror novels did. 

After a long hiatus, and six children later, she began to write again from a dream.  A dream that would soon enough rocket her to winning two more competitions and to becoming the International, award-winning, bestselling author that she is now.

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