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The Stripper Romance Book Box consists of signed paperback copies of Lusting After Mr. Knight and Craving Mr. Knight the complete duet of The Lusting After Mr. Knight Series.  One note book or journal, one pen, chapstick, fuzzy socks, a gift bag containing bookish stickers, a sticky pad of note tabs, a hair scrunchy, shower ball, tea, a bit of sweets, an original character art print made by me, and a pair of toy handcuffs for when you want to get down and dirty.  It all comes in a black book box.  Everything but the books may be substituted when need be in color or variety.  


Dani as her family calls her lovingly, has always been the quiet mousy type. She lives her life through books, while everyone else lives their lives to the fullest. Always watching the world around her, she never quite is able to command the attention of anyone except for her friends and family. When she finds out that she has to get a job to survive, she goes to the city and ends up working under Mr. knight as a stripper. Getting more than she bargains for, in the end is she naughty or nice? 

The Stripper Romance Book Box

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