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In the second book of The Lake, Laura and Anne must come back because the creatures hold on Anne is more than she can take.  When a tentacle emerges from the mist covering the Lake and chokes the last dying breath from the Johnson's beagle Petey, things start to go strangely wrong in the quaint little town of Haven. At first, no one notices when Jonathan Robinson disappears. However, when Anne Smith's mother Laura realizes that something is horribly wrong with her, she begins to raise questions that need answering. Find out in The Lake, if what lies deep within it is more sinister than you could ever have imagined,  The Third and final installment will be out by March 4th, 2023 on here.  Epub 74 pages.  Copyright 2023 Published February, 24, 2023 Casper Publishing

The Lake Part Two

  • When Laura wakes up and Anne is nowhere to be found, it is time.

    The moment I see the sign on the side of the road that has Town of Haven painted in big turquoise letters, a sense of impending doom falls upon me. I look around slowly to see that nothing has changed as I begin to drive through the outskirts of town. By now, our little cabin would have been sold off by the mortgage company, so I must find somewhere to stay after I stop for gas. Although, I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway, because the only thing that really does, is the fact that the moment we headed towards Haven, Anne woke up and became more and more coherent.

    I think it strange as I glance next to me at my daughter, who looks as if she had been conscious the whole time.

    “How can something have such a hold on her? And what am I going to do about it?”

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