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In the third and final book of this exciting horror trilogy, Laura and Anne find themselves back in Haven.  In a last attempt to right the wrongs of the town, does Laura end up finishing off the monster?  Or does it take her and Anne out before continuing to loom over the town for the rest of eternity?  Find out in part three of The Lake.  But be sure to look under your bed before you go to bed tonight.

As soon as I see her lips turn a dark shade of blue, I turn the car back around and head straight back into Haven.  Remarkably enough, as I speed down main street, she begins to cough and then sits up straight and stares at me eerily.  Then I glance back at the road just in time before I watch little Shannon Root cross right in front of me.  When I slam on the brakes, I hear the rubber squeal before I look over to where Anne is sitting.  Published March 13, 2023 by Casper Publishing.  118 pages.  Epub file for eBook version.

The Lake Part Three

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