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Signed Copy of Sophia.  It was the Inkitt Mystery Contest Winner for 2022 of which is an International competition.  I received a Galatea contract and a social media spotlight over all of Inkitt and Galatea's socials. 


There is something dreadfully wrong with Sophia and it all starts when she is aware of things she shouldn't be.  Then the doctors swear that she has a rare brain tumor when she thinks she sees spirits.  However, before the end, you may begin to question what is really wrong with her the moment she develops a taste for human flesh.

Just remember that whatever you do, don't let her hear you scream.

Paperback 189 pages.  Published June 08, 2022 Casper Publishing.  Copyright 2022 M.D. LaBelle

Signed Copy of Sophia (Inkitt Mystery Contest Winner)

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