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"Sarah, move that sexy butt of yours and go ask him for a dance.  The worst that can happen is he will turn you down.  After all, he is so fucking hot that if he touched me, I would melt all over in his hands too, not just his mouth."


One Night Stand is a short story that will leave you wet and wondering what comes next.  It is a brief orgasmic moment in time that you won't soon forget.  After all, it's not always that you meet someone who can make you scream and question everything all in one night of amazing sex.


Published 09/09/2021  Copyright 2021 Casper Publishing  Epub format 25 pages.  This has also been published as one of the short stories in an anthology called Steamy Shower Tales. If you purchase, you can download at checkout.  Then you can read it on almost any ebook reader or if you have the kindle app or the physical kindle reader, you can find your kindle email in your settings and email the epub to your kindle reader.  It will automatically add it to your library within a short time.

1st Person FMC POV.

One Night Stand

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