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Book One of the hit series The Lusting After Mr. Knight Series, Dani as her family calls her lovingly, has always been the quiet mousy type.  She lives her life through books, while everyone else lives their lives to the fullest.  Always watching the world around her, she never quite is able to command the attention of anyone except for her friends and family.  When she finds out that she has to get a job to keep her mother alive, she goes to the city and ends up working under Mr. Knight as a stripper.  After getting more than she bargains for, in the end is she naughty or nice? 

If you liked this one, don't forget Book Two Craving Mr. Knight. Single POV. Spicy, Age Gap, Boss and Employee Work Place Romance, Stripper Club, Sex Club Story Line. Virgin.

Epub format. 164 Pages.  Published March 10, 2022.  Copyrighted 2022 Casper Publishing. The Paperback form is on Amazon under isbn-13 is 979-8805179199

 It can be read on any of the ebook readers including, Nook, Kobo, Google Play app, Aldiko, Lithium Reader and many more.  You can even send them to your Kindle via the page at or you can email it to your kindle email address.

Lusting After Mr. Knight Ebook

  • "I wanted to finish this story in one go and give a review but I just couldn't help myself but give one review after reading chapter 31 - The Chapel of Love! It was so beautifully written and I was swooning along with our sweet Dani The intimate scenes are so sensual, it would make the readers h0rny"-ReaderBug-MyFavReads


    "It's hot.  I truly enjoyed this book, the story was flowing nicely and easy to follow such that I didn't want it to end.  Thumbs up."-Deliscar Chanda

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