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Casper is excited because this is his very first Easter. He gets to meet the Easter Bunny, or so he thinks. “The Easter Bunny comes when you are asleep. If you wake up while he is there, he will disappear because he is magical like all mystical things.”

Casper's First Easter explores the real value of listening to your parents. As soon as Casper finds that the Easter Bunny is coming, he simply can’t sleep so he keeps one eye open. However, in the end does he find out that his parents are right after all?

This is the fifth book in the Casper's Firsts Series where you take a ride with Casper at the wheel as he experiences many of his firsts and learns valuable lessons from them.

37 Pages Paperback Published Jan. 31, 2024 Casper Publishing Copyright 2024 M.D. LaBelle

Casper's First Easter Signed Paperback

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