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This is Momo's first day of school. However, when she gets there, a bully named Chao is lurking near her and tries to make her move. Does an adult come to the rescue when Chao tries to force his way? Find out in A Bully For Momo, if she learns a valuable lesson and if Chao gets put in his place. Momo children's books always have life lessons that are important for a child's development.

Copyright 2023 Casper Publishing, ePub format.  Published May 16th, 2023.  Can be used on almost any ebook readers, including Nook, many others and Kindle if you email the ebook file to your Kindle email account found on your amazon account or in settings on your Kindle app for phone.  Or you can visit the amazon website and go to the "to kindle" page.   If you like this, there is another Momo book named A Birthday For Momo as well on my store for eBook and on Amazon in paperback.

A Bully For Momo

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