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Where Everyone Is Welcome But A Few Never Go Home


Nothing bad ever happens in the quiet little town of Hope.  However, when the circus rolls in one misty morning in late October, everyone decides to go see what they have.  Even the Jorgenson family and their 8 year old son Noah head on down to the circus big top, but when it is time to leave he is nowhere to be found.  WIth the help of Sheriff Langley, his parents search the premises, but they don't find him.  Now that it is closing time, they are forced to leave in hopes that he will come home.  Will they ever find him and all the other children that have gone missing from other towns? And will the whole town ever be the same again after the evil leaves? 

Find out in The Circus, if what lies beneath the shiny exterior is something darker and far worse than you could have ever thought possible.  3rd POV.


Trigger Warnings:  

If you are sensitive to the death of children and gore please do not read this.

Epub Format 68 Pages. Published October 30, 2023 Casper Publishing.  Copyright 2023 M.D. LaBelle

This is easily readable on Kindle by downloading your purchase and then uploading at send to kindle on the amazon website.  It will then add directly to your library on your Kindle.  Or you can read this epub on almost any other ebook reader.

The Circus

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