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She has never told anyone that she secretly longs for someone to come home to at night. A man who would be there for her when she feels sad and when she needs someone to wrap their arms around her.
Katy Monroe is a 25-year-old defense lawyer from a small town in lower New York, who graduated at the top of her class from Stanton Law school in record time. She takes her job very seriously and usually works so many hours that she barely sees her apartment more than three times a week. Unfortunately, she gives her heart to a man who could never possibly love her and ends up messing up everything horribly. Of course, that is precisely when she runs into someone from her past. Jake Hollister is a man who Katy thought she could never be in the same room with, let alone be her roommate and saving grace. But of course, desperate times lead to desperate measures as she finds in this romantic comedy of a man who always knows best and a woman that should have known better.
If you love sweet tales that give you the feels with comedy thrown in for sheer fun, then this is for you. I know you will enjoy reading it because I had fun writing it. M.D. LaBelle

129 pages Published Feb. 13, 2023 Casper Publishing Copyright 2023 M.D. LaBelle

It Had To Be You (Romantic Comedy) Signed Paperback

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