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"Hot d*mn. You really know how to make me go insane." He hollers as he tugs on his b*lls with his other hand. "I want to see that pu**y." He yells as I watch sap glisten on the tip.

So, I bend over with my a** sticking up before I finish taking them off slowly one leg at a time. Before I know it, I feel something coarse and hard slowly stretching me.

In Candy's Christmas a wooden boy eventually grows up to become a wooden man. He ends up getting excited only to have certain body parts become bigger and longer in the presence of Candy, the woman who has always loved him. Does the love of a woman end up making him human? Or is he doomed to stay a piece of hard wood forever? This is an adult only fairy tale of epic proportions.

This is a Christmas erotic romance with friends to lovers, morally grey, dominant MMC, wooden MMC, in first person FMC and only adult content.

Please see trigger warnings before reading at under fantasy.

Morally Grey MMC

This is a forbidden erotic romance between a human woman and a magical wooden man.

47 Pages Paperback Published Dec. 23, 2023 Casper Publishing Copyright 2023 M.D. LaBelle

Candy's Christmas (Taboo Romance) Signed Paperback

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