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Remember, revenge is only sweet if you don't lose your soul in the process.


After Brandon Reeve's(Angel) older brother Drift dies in a drug deal gone bad, he realizes that there is one thing left for him to do. Get revenge.

Four years after he had left the Road Rangers in the dust to pursue something better, he quickly finds that the only way to do this is to rejoin his family on the road and use their resources to fulfill his needs. However, the moment Justine Masterson runs into him, he finds that it is hard to concentrate on the objective. Does he let a sizzling hot raven haired beauty get in the way? Especially when he finds out that she is the daughter of his mortal enemy.


Book One of The Road Ranger MC Series where every book features a different male in the gang.

Angel (Brandon Reeve) comes back to Crescent Bay after 4 years to get revenge for the death of his brother after he left and promised himself to never return. However, once he gets there, he finds out that the club needs more than a strong leader.  After he takes his ultimate revenge in Angel the first book of The Road Rangers MC Dark Romance series, he is determined to stay and help the gang turn into legal gun runners.  That's where it gets even more interesting.  Stay tuned for the rest of the series as each one of the gang members and their friends take their turns in the spotlight and find out if they have what it takes to be real men.  Read The Standalone Series The Road Rangers MC a Dark Romance Biker Gang Series


Trigger Warnings:

Please do not continue if you are sensitive to reading scenes containing violence, death, gore, blood, choking, breath play, anal play, anal sex, analingus, gun play, foul language, voyeurism, descriptive sex scenes, obsessed men, unprotected sex and illegal activities.  


211 Pages eBook Format Kindle Ready.  Published January 14, 2024 Casper Publishing Copyright 2024 M.D. LaBelle

Angel Book One Of The Road Rangers MC Series

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