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Steamy Shower Tales

“Sarah, move that sexy butt of yours and go ask him for a dance. The worst that can happen is he will turn you down. After all, he is so fucking hot that if he touched me, I would melt all over in his hands too, not just his mouth.” Kendra says loudly so I can hear her over the dull roar of the crowd and the music, while drooling over my prospective one-night stand.

I had just gotten out of a three-year long relationship with a stuffy CEO of a company that I couldn’t even spell. Now that I think about it, I don’t even know what they do or make. Then again, I really don’t think it matters now. Especially, not when I am looking at the most handsome man, I have ever laid my eyes on. He oozes sex and for some reason I feel the need to lick him up and down.

Weighing my options heavily, I lean over the bar precariously and glance back in the mirror at the reflection of Mr. Perfect. So aptly named because of his amazing blue eyes and the muscles that are peeking out of his pristine white t-shirt. Of course, his chocolate-colored wavy long hair, and his darkly tanned complexion, reminds me of a movie star. Looking over his insanely perfect form, I note that he is neither too bulky nor skinny. Hell, what am I talking about? He is perfection itself.

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