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The Luna's Mate:  The Alpha King

PSX_20220501_121950 (2).jpg

Julian the Alpha King has a secret. One night when he goes to save some of the humans from massacre, he meets Arabella and feels drawn to her like no other before. However, when she finds out that werewolves exist, she runs from him repeatedly. After all, she thinks he is the big bad wolf.

"Still searching through the crowd, I see her for a split second before she is hidden again.  When the lights turn down and the music slows, she emerges like something from a movie I once saw where the woman was a beautiful princess.  The most amazing part is that her face is glowing from where the moonlight is showing through the cracks in the ceiling. 

While I stare at her, she senses me and turns to face me directly.  Our eyes meet, and I feel something that I don’t have any power over, a sudden overpowering need. 

Walking over to her carefully so I don’t spook her, I wonder if I can just get her name.  If I do, perhaps I will find out why I am so enchanted by her presence.  But the minute I do, I realize that I am wrong because I stand next to her, and my hands gravitate to hers.  As I stand there speechless, I wonder why this girl has power over me."  Copyright 2022, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, Nook, Ibooks, Apple Books, Imusic of Denmark, Book Depository International, Grand Eagle Retail, GreatWorldBooks, alibris, AbeBooks,, thriftbooks, saxo, Dymocks books and gifts, fnac, Rakutan, booktopia, Google Play, Goodreads, and then all of the web novel apps and websites.  Inkitt, Favfic, Lovenovel, Readom, Booknet, Mnovel, Wonderfic, MyBard, Manobook, Ringdom, Whatstory, Xbooks, Readink, Storyaholic, Webfic, NovelCat, Noveltells, Kiss Novel, Alpha Novel, Webnovel, Inovelclub, INovel, Wattpad, Yugto, MoBook, Novelclub, Buenovella, Flipread, Storysome, Readnow, Ficstories, Likeread, Joyread, Kikanovel, Storyroom, Elfnovel, Likinovel, Foxnovel, Honeynovel, Insnovel, Owonovel, Novelow, Anystories, Babelnovel, Novelsky, Dreame, Popink, Istory. Bravonovel, Neo-Story, Kindle Vella, Hinovel, Ireader, Frivernovel, Moboreader, Novelstar, Goodnovel, Fameink, Storyon, and last but not least Skyreadnovel.  I am always adding to this list.   By now there is over 110 platforms that this novel is currently on.

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