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"It throbs and then pulsates before I cry out loudly, “That’s the spot. I’m going to explode.”
When I quickly realize how loud I was, I bury my face in the pillows even further so I don’t wake up my uncle. Now is not the time for him to knock at the door. Not only would I not open it until Valentine was done, but I don’t think he would allow me to move until we both get off.
With one last heart pounding thrust, I dig my nails into the black silk covers and then clench down on him with all my strength. I am not letting him get out of this before I get what is due to me. So, as soon as I feel him empty into me, I begin to shiver and almost buck him off of me as a brilliant light display goes off underneath my eyelids."


*Keywords: Boxer Romance, Smut Novels, Small Town Romance, FFM, MF, FF, Daddy Kink

1st Person FMC POV

****Please take just a few minutes to review it on the platform once you have read Valentine. Even if it is just a few words and a rating, that would be wonderful because it could mean the difference between the next reader buying it or them passing it over. **** Also, this will not be on Kindle Unlimited for very much longer because once the required time limit is up, it will be taken off Kindle and put on my store. So, if you want it on KU I suggest getting it now and reading it or you can purchase the paperback.

Melissa Gilroy doesn't like complications. However, when Dominic Valentine's convertible breaks down just outside of town, she finds herself playing nice while her uncle waits for the parts to come in. Could the sparks between them kindle a fire that is unstoppable? Or does someone else throw water on the flame? Find out in Valentine, if Melissa can have her cake and eat it too. A story for all shapes and sizes that proves that there is someone for everyone. Maybe even several.

This contains threesomes, FFM, MF, kinks, toy play, and so much more.

Epub format 107 pages.  Published March 07, 2023  Casper Publishing  Copyright 2023 M.D. LaBelle

Valentine eBook

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