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Just as Austin (a member of The Road Rangers MC) finds out that he is wanted for a murder he did not commit, he meets someone who may be able to unknowingly help him. Shantel Morrison, a 23-year-old country girl, has just moved to Crescent Bay and isn't the slightest bit interested in anyone let alone an overbearing, tattooed biker. After all, she has more important things on her mind than men.
However, when a strange turn of events brings them together once again, she starts to think of him hungrily in spite of herself. Will her cold heart melt and the law find out who the real killer is? Find out in Austin the second book of the standalone series The Road Rangers MC and then keep a look out for the rest of the series as they try to make their biker gang legal, more or less.

105 Pages Paperback Published March 25, 2024 Casper Publishing Copyright M.D. LaBelle

Austin Signed Black Paper with White Ink Paperback

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