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Have you ever wondered why you wake up from a startling dream and then it just won't go away? I often do and then I promptly write it down for future novels. After all, I always have crazy things running through my head at all times of the day and night.

Lately, I have been in the process of writing my newest series that is for pre preorder right now on Amazon called The Bad Behavior Series, the first book is called Just Love Me. It is about a woman who is split personality. When she was a child, she was molested by her father and as soon as she was old enough to leave, she turned a knife on them and then calmly disposed of the bodies.

Over the years, her naive side has searched for someone to love her, but it always ends up so messy as her dark side decides enough is enough and gets rid of them for her. However, after years of countless killings, the feds have taken notice and labeled her a serial killer. One of a kind, they say as they shake their heads and wonder how she can be so meticulous in cleaning up the crime scenes and never leaving evidence for them to find.

Now, Detective Jon Harrison is on the latest scene and for some reason this time, she was a little messy. As it seems, she has gotten bored with this and now wants to play a game. When he is appointed to her case, he finds out that all the clues lead right to Joanna, but he has no definite proof. How can he make her slip up enough that he can nail her for the kills?

In his mind, he knows what he must do. The only clear way is to go under cover and make her trust him as he becomes more than a friend.

Honestly, I am so excited to be writing this. For a while now, I have been lackluster when it comes to writing because I have done everything and have won awards, etc. I even am working on a game and one of the places I signed with is making a comic of one of my novels. For some reason, this series has piqued my interest and I think it is because I have never written a crime thriller before. Even though it is an erotica, it still will be one of the most interesting things I have ever written to date. I hope it gets #1 best seller and perhaps even #1 New York Times Best Seller because I have faith that it will skyrocket to the top and become something that just about everyone will read.

Among other things I have been writing, are May I Alpha? This will be done and is pre order now on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles for September 16th drop. Also, several others which I will not mention because I want them to be surprises for when I reveal them.

As for you all. I ask you this. What have you all been reading in your spare time? I want to read the newest Dean Koontz one called The Big Dark Sky.

For next time, I will try and read some of my lessor known fellow authors chapters and give reviews here.

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