A CEO For Christmas

Hope Miller is the girl next door. Everyone likes her, but she doesn't have that spark that Joseph Anderson is looking for in a mate. When he thinks of her, he thinks of one word. Plain. Unfortunately, Hope has other ideas. When she walks in on Joseph with another girl, she runs out the door and never looks back.
With little money and no other family, she takes a bus to New York and walks right into Greg Harrison's arms. Surprised by this fortunate turn of events, he takes her in and shows her around the city by wining and dining her. The only question is, how long does it take her to find out that his intentions are not purely innocent? Between being thrown into high class society parties and getting all dolled up for concerts, she can't help but wonder why her. That is until one day, when she accidently listens in on one of his private conversations. What she finds out floors her and makes her want to leave, except she realizes she can't. Find out in A CEO For Christmas, if Hope finds peace on earth and gets her CEO for Christmas?  Or if a
little dare ruins everything?